The secrets of the Risen Lands

Three thousand feet. The cliff is three thousand feet high. It surrounds the north, east and west borders of the fifteen provinces of the Risen Lands. Beyond the cliff are the Crow Mountains, where dragons and Krates knows what other horrors live. Towards the south is the sea. If you venture out upon the deep, you can sail to the islands, but beyond is the reef. Some have crossed the reef, none have returned.

The Risen Lands are completely enclosed by cliff and reef. No one can get out – or in. The reason for that is lost beyond the veils of history.

And now… the king is dead. There is no successor to the throne. The counts are at each other’s throats and no one is guarding the ancient guard-path along the cliff anymore. And for the first time in decades, a black dragon has been sighted over the crow mountains.

You’re all living at the court of county Creel. As infants you all washed up on the beach, a mysterious event which happens several times a year. Sea-orphans such as you tend to have some extraordinary powers. As sea-orphans you serve Count Aerlant the Younger of Creel. With him and his retinue you travel to county Northeck, to the village of Punt where Count Malhart of Northeck has called a meeting of all the counts and other local rulers to decide who is to be king.

When you cross the hill, you observe a strange, blackish fog, clinging to the grass. No one seems to take notice. And there before you lies the field with all the pavillions and the tents of the counts, the guild-leaders and representatives of the Freed Cities. You realise right away: this is a very explosive mixture of people.

Secrets of the Risen Lands

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